Need a Glamorous Vibe?

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I’ve always had a fetish for Chaise Lounges. It’s hard not to with their inherent glamour, sexy curves, showy little legs and seductive seating that says “I might have room for one more, if I feel like it.” So when One Kings Lane invited me to partner with them in their “Head Over Heels for Chaises,” I was more than happy to oblige.

Ariel chaise.jpg

Their Fashion-Forward Furniture series celebrates personal style, because filling your home with pieces you love makes as much a style statement as the outfits you pull together every morning. And just like creating an outfit, one way to craft a perfectly styled room is to pick a statement piece and design around it.

turquoise chaise.jpg

With their glam vibes and architectural silhouettes, chaises are one of the ultimate fashion-forward pieces of furniture. These swoon-worthy seats have the ability to make a room; much like a statement shoe can make an outfit.

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