The Art of Hygge

Many trends have come and gone, but one that is here to stay and has been making a name for itself in the United States is the term and design practice of Hygge.

Think yoga mindfulness extended beyond one hour and bring all that love, relaxation and contentment into your home life. It’s not something tangible, and not something you can sell, but you can prompt folks about the idea.

Hygge pronounced like “hewgah” is a Danish term for well-being, coziness, ease, and warm glow. It’s a lifestyle that’s brought into the home. Think fire, candles, burrowing under big thick blankets, add in the present (that means living in the moment) and connect to the people that you love, that's Hygge.

Winter is the perfect time

to embrace Hygge

Warm neutral color palettes work best. Think anything earth; greige, tan, creamy whites, orange and even copper. If you ask a Dane what the term means, most might respond "the glow color of a candle."

The inviting light adds to the décor along with textures like soft wools and faux furs that can be layered. You can accessorize with simple things such as favored rocks, a single flower in a vase or seashells displayed in a wooden bowl.

Creating a space where you can nestle down and find refuge in this chaotic world while connecting with yourself and others is the art of Hygge. Maybe there’s a reason why the Danish are called the happiest people on earth.

create a Space to

Nestle Down

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